Dinner tonight…

Just like anything else, without planning in advance, coming up with a dinner idea seems exhausting. I like to meal plan dinners for the week and then get online and order my groceries for pickup. Makes my life easier, and quite frankly, it saves me money! However, I love to cook. I love food, and so does my family. I take pride in setting the table and serving a delicious meal. So, once in a while I allow myself the time to roam through the meat department at Hyvee.

Hyvee has the best meat department of any grocery story I have shopped (and I’ve got a lot of experience!). Their meat is always top quality, and the butchers value their customers. Today I was roaming the meat counters and noticed they had several meat selections for 5/$10. That is a great price! We usually need 5-7 pieces of meat to feed everyone, and that can get pricey! What caught my eye today was their butterfly pork chops. So….if you are good at math, you get 5 butterfly pork chops for $10, thats basically $1/pork chop! (A butterfly pork chop is a thick pork chop cut apart on 3 sides, and “butterflied” open – so 2 thin chops each!). I am not a huge pork lover, but my family likes it. While the butcher was packaging up my 5 butterfly chops, I asked about a bourbon seasoning that they had on some other meats. They usually sell all of the marinades or seasonings that they use – and I have bought many. They are always delicious!! This one he said, they aren’t selling yet, but he went on to rave about it. I mentioned that I often buy what they recommend, and I’m always satisfied. He then offered to send some home with me! I was very grateful!

So – tonight, the Slaughters are having sweet bourbon pork chops, smashed red potatoes and a salad. The pork chops are already cooking in my casserole crock pot (my most used crock! https://www.target.com/p/crock-pot-3-5-qt-casserole-crock-slow-cooker-gray-sccpccm650-ch/-/A-17225203) and they smell scrumptious! If you’ve never made smashed potatoes, there are a lot of different options. Scroll through pinterest for some inspiration! https://pin.it/hbpw5ivflodws2 I am keeping it simple tonight, I’ll throw a bag of red potatoes in the crock pot right now, then about 30 minutes before dinner, I’ll take them out and lay them on a cookie sheet. (preheated around 400*) I take a spoon or the bottom of a cup and smash each potato, then add a little butter, salt, pepper & garlic. Bake until they start to brown a little, and voile! While those are cooking, I’ll wash up the crock pot they were in and prepare the salad. I like to do dishes as I go, so that clean up is quicker. Plus, I hate nothing more than a dirty kitchen! One more tip – I usually line my cookie sheets with foil or parchment before cooking anything. That way, they just need a quick wipe down! No scrubbing required 🙂

Meat deals @Hyvee this week!
Worlds best crock pot! (Also, best bday present ever: thanks Grandma!)