I started another business.

I have already been riding the roller coaster of entrepreneurialism….I think thats a word, for several years now. Crazy ride. Lots of twists & turns, peaks & valleys, celebrating & crying….all at the same time. However, its the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and my family. Why? Because it has given me the income I needed, WITH the time freedom that I so longed for, prayed for, and never thought possible. Thanks, Rodan+Fields! (www.Slaughter.myrandf.biz)

But….Apparently being a successful entrepreneur is like seeing clearly for the first time in your life. The air is fresher, the birds chirp constantly, and my HOPE in the future is restored. I caught the freedom virus, and I never want to be cured. Starting and succeeding in 1 business has given me the confidence & desire to pursue another. The Hanger Boutique (www.shopatthehanger.com) was born after YEARS of thinking, praying, researching, and, well, dreaming. My daughter, Ellie & I started talking about boutique-ing it together about 2 years ago. We originally loved the idea of a mobile boutique, like a clothing truck. But, we were in the middle of a move, switching schools for all 4 kids, life was too chaotic. So, we paused that pipe dream real quick. But, I kept secretly researching. Thanks to Google & Youtube, pretty much any information you need is out there in the cyber world. There really is no excuse for not knowing something! So once we were settled, and life was moving at a more predictable pace – we starting the conversation again, and voile! The Hanger.

Starting an online boutique is no joke. Licensing, permits, websites, products, marketing, shipping, taxes….Holy cow. It really is more complicated than I ever expected. We are still a huge work in progress, but we have big goals. I’d love to get this to a point, where she can consider this her full time job – maybe work her way through college. 3 months in, and we have already learned a lot:
1. Shopify.com is amazing, its my best friend, and whoever developed it is a down right genius.
2. Owning a boutique does not mean you are rich. (People keep commenting about all of our new found money) We have spent more than we’ve made so far, with all of the above mentioned fees, but like I said, we have big goals. BIG. And also, we are trying to keep our prices low, so we aren’t marking things up like other boutiques do.
3. Ellie is techy, I am not. She understands how to work computer-related things while I am here googling the most basic “how to”…it’s a bit sad.
4. Starting a biz from scratch is a full time job. Even when its an online biz. RF does all of my marketing work, packaging, shipping, graphic design, website stuff, etc… With The Hanger —thats all us! (Except what Shopify provides) Its hard. And a lot of work, we love it, but its more than I expected for sure.
5. No matter what type of biz you start, its a family biz. It takes time to start anything successfully, and as much as I claim independence, the time I spend on this business (and RF) has been taken from one of my other responsibilities. SO….laundry piles, meals aren’t as homemade, and sometimes the bathrooms don’t get cleaned. But, there are only 24 hours in each day, and I am only 1 out of 6 people that live here. If you have your families support – great! If you don’t, just be prepared to let some of the other things go while you are working to build your dreams.

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