Who knew that one of the most major parts of adulthood would be the shopping for, purchasing of, preparing and cleaning up of food….? I don’t remember EVER receiving advice on how to make any of these processes easier, cheaper or more streamlined. Do you? Well, here’s a secret I’d love to share: Order your groceries. I have tried the pick up service from Walmart & Kroger, and had success. I have had groceries delivered from Hyvee….and although this was successful, I do believe Hyvee is higher priced. But, hello, lover: Instacart. I have prayed for you, Instacart. You are an answer to so many of my prayers!

If you have never used it, its an app (of course), you put the items in your carts from various local stores and SOMEONE ELSE GOES TO SHOP FOR YOU! You pay a $3.99 delivery fee (unless you sign up for unlimited, $99/year) and a tip for the driver. They will deliver from multiple stores at the same time even! This Sunday, I ordered from Aldi, Sam’s Club and Kroger. It was all brought to my door step in about 3 hours. Crazy! I saved so much money just because I wasn’t driving around to these 3 stores, and no impulse purchases were brought home just to later be regretted. I easily meal planned on my calendar, then put the items in each cart and made 1 payment.

Here is my Instacart link….

You can use it to save $10 on your first order. Try it out and see what you think! At the very least order your groceries for pick up to save yourself time! Walmart was my favorite pick up store. PS: If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can also have non perishables delivered! Such an easy way to stock up. Coupons are already added to the site! So many ways to avoid going up and down the isles, just need to find what works best for you.

Or…keep shlepping yourself through the grocery stores yourself 🙂