We have 6 birthdays in 6 consecutive months here in the Slaughter House. So, from October-March we are in constant celebration mode. Today, is the final birthday in our serious of birthdays…and its Ellie. 14! I don’t understand how time flies by so quickly, but it sure does! We don’t do parties for birthday anymore…because, well, I don’t want to. But I still try to make it special. Each kid gets to decide what they would like for dinner. Restaurant or home cooked, its their choice. Tonight, the complete opposite of 14 years ago, Ellie made it very easy for me! Chicken caesar salad and fried cheesecake. Praise Jesus! Healthy & simple…okay, frying cheesecake isn’t healthy, but live a little, mmkay?!

My go-to salad kit is by far Walmarts caesar salad kit. Its their brand, I buy 2 family sized bags, it beats the name brand hands down! I also add in a small bag of butter lettuce. I use all parts in the kit, but I also add in some shaved parmesan, ranch dressing, extra cracked pepper and 2 rotisserie chickens (Sams is best, Walmart is #2). Every member of my family loves this meal! And, 3 of them don’t normally like salad! Its quick, healthy, and sooo delicious.

Stressed spelled backwards is desserts…

Fried cheesecake.

If you’ve never had fried cheesecake, you are missing out on one of God’s creations. It’s one of those super simple desserts that looks complicated and oh, so fancy. Mix up your favorite cheesecake recipe… I like this one: Then, scoop a bit of cheesecake on to wonton wrappers, roll them up or pinch them closed and fry in your favorite oil. I use vegetable. I sometimes crumble graham crackers in my cheesecake batter, or oreos, whatever you like – but no add ins are necessary. Tonight, I am just doing plain fried cheesecake, and I’m adding strawberry pie filling for dip! Kind of hard to put a candle in fried cheesecake….but we’ll make due 🙂


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