Need I say more?

Mom fuel, sanity juice, the hot liquid from heaven…whatever you call it, its incredible.

I started drinking coffee when I was 3. No joke. My grandmother used to leave her cold, lipstick stained coffee cup out long enough for me to get a few sips, and I loved it. She drank it black, with just a bit of sweetener, and I was quickly obsessed. For me, its not so much the caffeine, I honestly love the taste.

With over 400 billion cups of coffee consumed yearly, it is by far the worlds most popular drink. Is that good, or bad?

According to research studies from Harvard School of Public Health, Research Institute of McGill, the University of Scranton Studies, and many others…Coffee has numerous health benefits. Consuming a plain, black cup of coffee daily can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, liver cancer, parkinson’s, heart failure and more. I was most surprised to find that coffee (black, no cream, no sugar) is the #1 source for antioxidants in the US. Hello! Coffee, whether caffeinated or not, provides the same benefits. So, what about the risks? Too much of a good thing always ends up badly, doesn’t it? Well…only if we’re talking about coffee with caffeine. There is not a magical number, but it seems that most research points to more than 3 cups (small mugs, not the bowl type ones seen on Friends!) can lead to more health issues. Hypertension, tachycardia, anxiety, mild depression, sleep disturbances, even infertility. Of course adding sugar and cream to your cup of Joe can increase the risk for diabetes as well.

First I drink the coffee, then I do the things.

Today, the average cup of costs $5.90! A century ago, the average cost was a DIME. So why, I mean WHY on earth has the price changed so much?? Supply & demand my friends. It costs around $0.30 to brew a venti (large) coffee – but when you add in the fact that coffee is cool, you can charge more and make a huge profit! The coffee industry is a mere 18 BILLION, and there are over 24K specialty coffee shops in the US, but that figure is expected to double within the next 4 years! Wowza. When surveyed in 2017, it seems that 64% of Americans purchase a hot beverage daily…. A staggering $1200/American is spent on average – per year – for coffee outside of the home.

Life happens, coffee helps.

So what is it? Do we really love standing in line and paying $5 each day just to carry around a cup of coffee? Is it the taste, the caffeine, or the status symbol? I’m not sure…but I do know that $1200 would pay for a week-long-house-on-the-beach-rental in our favorite place, Michigan. So, I am going to start paying myself for a cup of coffee each morning and see how much I can save!


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