To dermaplane or not to dermaplane…

My newest DYI obsession, dermaplaning.

Thats right, I have started shaving my face. Not like, male-razor-and-cream-shaving, but just smoothing off the peach fuzz type shaving, known as dermaplaning. I started researching it, because well, you know, I love my skincare! (#1 brand Rodan+Fields baby!) and so I am always on the hunt for the latest-and-greatest of beauty. Dermaplaning has grown in popularity over recent years, but is a specialized spa service. In my area, it can cost around $75 and needs to be done every few weeks, depending on your face. So…of course I researched how and if I should do this for myself. After watching a few youtube videos and placing an Amazon Prime order – I was ready to roll! Or shave!

I purchased this 6 pack of Tinkles for less $5. I disinfect them, and use each twice. I have dermaplaned now 4 times – and I LOVE IT! I need to plane myself about every 3 weeks…but I’m a hairy gal, so you may be able to go longer. None the less, at about $0.42 a pop – I’d say I have found a pretty simple and cheap solution.

If you wear makeup, your cosmetics will go on smoother, and you will need less. If skincare is all you need (🙋🏼‍♀️) than you’re in luck too! You products will be more effective, because they aren’t fighting to get through those protective hairs, and you’ll also use less product. Added bonus: this process lightly exfoliates your skin! You will be a little red after, so best to do it at night, and apply a nice gentle moisturizer after. My recommendations are below!

Follow this link to purchase yours, and let me know what you think!

Tinkle Eyebrow Razor Pack of 6







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