Meal planning saves lives.

Oh the dread.

It hits around 3 or 4 pm. The what-can-I-make-for-dinner, dread. Have you experienced this?

Easy way to avoid it, meal plan. Every Sunday I sit down with a full moose-cup of ice water (I have a huge drinking problem. Probably 10 large cups daily) and spend some quality time with my planner. I write down all of the 18,000 activities for the week, including location and what time they have to be there- not just what time it starts….so that I can maintain some sense of sanity. Also, I fill in school stuff. Casual days, or early dismissals. And finally, appointments. Orthodontist, pediatrician, and ophthalmologist, oh my! Tthheennn….once thats all a go I sit back and think about meals.

What meals work best when I’m only going to be home for 30 seconds to finish it up, or maybe we need to take it with us in the car, or possibly eat it at 8pm? 🤔



Avoid the dread and add a section to your calendar. Meal plan. I got my calendar at Hobby Lobby (cue the hallelujah 🙌🏻) and I love it. Has lots of little sections for “bills to pay”, “things to buy”, “errands” and more. But for a few bucks, I bought this “Weekly Meal Plan” package. It came with 52 sheets so that I can slide one into each week and forget about the dread.

Meal planning is great for many reasons. My reason is, it keeps me organized. I know what I am making, so I know what groceries I need, how long it takes to prepare, and I have the perfect answer for the 4 people who will inevitably ask “whats for dinner?” all at different times. 🙄

But also, meal planning is your grocery list. It can also be your weight loss plan. If you are on a strict diet, meal plan for all of your eating, not just dinner.

I am a crock pot lover. I have 6 of them, and use them almost daily. I know, I know, InstaPots are all the rage right now…but thats not my jam. I gave it a good effort, and then sold in on Facebook Marketplace. Why? (Those 18,000 activities have something to do with it) I am not home. I can’t release the pressure valve, then wait 20 minutes, then add the carrots, power it back up, then do the whole pressure valve thingy again. Crock pot. Dump it in, turn the knob, and come back later when you’re hungry. I don’t like my food touching, so I’ve been known to use 3 crocks just so the meat and sides are all done and ready when we are. And don’t get me started on AirFryers. I was raised by southern women. We deep fry, my friends. Deep fry.

This is my absolute favorite crock pot. It’s definitely my most used!

And here is my Meal Plan

Whats your system? If it works for you, let me hear it! Or if your family has a go-to favorite meal, share the recipe!


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