Mommying is hard

We are expected to have our clothes ironed, hair did, nails manicured, a clean house, home cooked meal AND well behaved kids on the daily. But how?? 😩

I always lay out my clothes the night before. Kids too, I always tidy my house before going to bed, and I use my crock pot like its a religion…so that covers meals. Hair? Well, sometimes it works out. Sometimes I look questionable 🤷🏼‍♀️

Nails, no excuses. Disclaimer: I am a licensed professional. Literally. Went to school and have the fancy paper to prove it. But DIYing your nails is NOT hard. If you can polish your own digits, I highly recommend switching over to gel nails. The initial investment is about $60- but then its just a matter of buying different polish colors. Or…if you’re like me, you can just buy a black, gray and white color and be done with it. ✔️

First off, you need a good light. I buy mine on Amazon. I have been doing gels for 20 years, and I have had to purchase many lights- the bulbs are bulbs, they get weak over time, so just plan to purchase a new one yearly, and you should be covered. Here is the one I’ve purchased the last few years.

48W. Don’t buy anything less- your polish won’t last as long!

A few other recommendations:

Bondaid should be your last step before the polish starts- no matter what system you use. I have done nails for 20 years, I have used Bondaid for 20 years! Gelish ‘foundation’ is your base coat and ‘top it off’ is your top coat. Unlike regular polish, you can NOT skip steps. Skip steps, and you’ll be unhappy with your results.


File & buff the surface your nails with a clean file. Buffing the surface is incredibly important, so that all the oil is removed. Clean off the dust from each nail and around the cuticle, using alcohol on a gauze pad. Why gauze? Lint. Just say no-Then, apply a quick coat of Bondaid to the nails. (Doing one hand at a time is best if you are alone). Now, you are at the point of no return. Do NOT touch your nails to anything. They are perfectly primed for the gel polish. Apply a generous coat of Foundation to your first, middle and ring finger, then put them under the light for just a few seconds. Pull your hand out and apply Foundation to your thumb and pinky. Now, put all 5 phalanges under the light for 60 seconds. Why the preliminary light exposure? Gel likes to slide around…you can’t remove it from your skin like regular polish. So, setting the first 3 fingers gives that layer a quick “Stay put!” while you finish. This way you take your time and do your best, without a messy result. Guess what- I do each step this way. So, after Foundation is set, start applying thin coats of your color. Thin! Cure for 60 seconds between each coat. I like to apply 3 coats. Then Top It Off and cure for another 60. Now, use that gauze pad with alcohol to gently wipe each nail clean.

Voila! Freshly polished nails without any dry time!! They should last at least 2 weeks, sometimes 3. To refresh the shine, wipe with alcohol weekly.

Another disclaimer: this is a uv light! Apply sunscreen OR buy some gloves and cut off the tips to wear under the light. Protect that skin!

Bonus tip: Do your toes! This light is large enough to put your toes under. Just add toe separators and its the same process. Toes last ssooo long. Like 2 months!