Home decor makes me happy…

Deep (way deep) down inside, I am a widely popular interior designer. Its my dream job. My what-would-you-do-if-you-could-do-anything answer. I have “consulted” many times with friends on how they should arrange a room, what to hang on this wall, or what countertops go best with that backsplash….but I have never actually been employed as an interior designer. Maybe someday! 🤞🏻

I shop mostly at Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, Home Goods and Ross for pretty much everything. Clothing, towels, and you guessed it – home decor! Why? Because decorating your place should not FEEL like an investment—and decorating your home is actually done best over time. Sure, you can walk into Pier One right now and fill a whole room with pillows, side chairs, and wall items, but I guarantee you, you will love it less than if you carefully picked items up over time, and added them together. (BTW, I love Pier One too)

So, here are my 5 simple tips for decorating your space.

1. Complimentary, but not totally matching patterns are your best friend. I bought this Ikat rug at Target, and later found these grommet topped, lined curtains on Amazon. Voila! Bonus, this rug was in the outdoor section, so it cleans up super easy and has a bit of texture. I love it!

2. Gallery Wall.

If you don’t have one, GET ONE! I absolutely love this wall, everything on it (besides my family) was picked up at Hobby Lobby in 3 different trips. A gallery wall adds beauty and dimension to your space. An added bonus: I can easily change this up! I can change just one part, and get a whole new look. Super big bonus: Hobby Lobby has a clearance section! Its not always in the same place, so you may have to shop the whole store before finding it (okay, if I must) but I scored both of these floral ones for less than $5 each! (Shh, don’t tell anyone. They look way more expensive!)

3. Dimension.

Thats a huge word in home decor, because it adds SO much to your style, without adding something that takes up a lot of space. Here is my shelf. I love this shelf, the former home owners left it, and I am so thankful! I have this stuff on it most of the time, but again, its easy to switch things around- especially during holidays! I have an “S” in every room, I love pictures of my family, the “gather” is from Hobby Lobby and the old window is from an antique store. That white canvas with the blue leaf….HL, on clearance. Boom. For Christmas, I hung small ornaments on the tall grass (from TJM) and put a skinny tree behind the Gather sign. Easy!

4. Odds & Ends make a statement.

Remember when I said, you can’t walk into 1 store and be done? This is why. Having a statement piece is important. I have moved these suitcases (found at a vintage shop) around to 3 different houses, and they’ve been in different rooms each time. They are different colors, and sizes. This may be my favorite place for them. In lieu of a side table, I added my suitcases next to the living room couch.

5. If you love it, buy 2.

I absolutely loved this mirror when I found it at Home Goods. I quickly grabbed it and went about my shopping as I thought about how it would look, and where I would put it. At first I thought about creating a gallery wall with it, but I decided to grab another and instead, hang them side by side to make a wider, but simpler display. At our previous home, they hung over my bed, but here they are on the back wall of the dining room. This is a large wall, so you may think you need a long, horizontal hanging, but if you find something you love- this is a great solution! Oh- and bonus: mirrors make your home look larger!

I absolutely ❤️ decorating, but my biggest advice is, don’t take it too seriously. Go walk around Home Goods. If you find some lamps that might look good in your bedroom BUY THEM! Sit them on your bedside tables for a night or two and then decide. If they don’t work, return them and keep looking. Just like anything, the more your practice, the better you’ll get!


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