New Year, same you?

Why does the New Year bring such a sense of necessary change.

I need to workout.

I need to get organized.

I need to _________.

Do you realize that any day can be your New Year, new you? You don’t have to wait until the next holiday, the next Monday, the next day off…but yet we do. Why is that?

Because we all have a serial procrastinator living inside of us. That dumb little beast that gives us excuses like “I don’t have time” or “I’ll wait until things slow down”. News flash: everyone has time, and things will NEVER slow down! What if, instead of saying “I don’t have time” you said “that is not important enough for me to make the time”. Same meaning, but that second one stings a little, doesn’t it? It should…

So, this 2019, stop procrastinating. Stop making excuses. Stop putting off the next thing. Stop. And start. Start taking better care of yourself, start being more grateful, start being more organized, start using your time more wisely. Turn off the TV, open a book. Do something nice without an expectation of any return. Meal plan. Workout. Pray. Make it a point to go to Mass weekly (insert any religion).

Be intentional. ⬅️ THAT should be everyones goal this year!