That awkward time…

Remember that one time, at band…

Oops. Wrong story!

We are here. Christmas is over, New Years is near. What should you do with yourself! Kids are out of school, family is in town, tissue paper seems to be reproducing all over your house! Its awkward. Right?

Well, here are a few tips to survive this next few days and prepare yourself for the coming year. Which…btw, is gonna be your best.year.yet!

#1 Clean it out.

Clean out your fridge, pantry, closets & drawers. It sounds overwhelming, but take one area each day, spend 30 minutes and its done! You’ll be so glad to rid your life of decade year old jeans and those stale crackers. Trust me. Its life changing!

#2 Make 2 new recipes! Not fancy shmancy, cooking-channel-worthy dishes, but legitimat meals that you can add to your normal I’m-too-busy-meal planning rotation. Its not hard. Search for “easy family meals”. Boom! Your welcome.

#3 Go outside. Really. Seasonal depression is real! Why? Lack of Vitamin D! The natural stuff…from the sun. (Wear spf!) Go for a walk, play catch with the kids, clean up your landscaping. Do something outside! Its good for your heart & soul.

#4 Get organized. Make a plan for yourself. Get a planner, large family chalkboard, share a google calendar on your phone—WHATEVER works for your family! But being unorganized, lack of communication, etc…causes stress. Avoid that in 2019, but working up a system now. (Bonus points for writing down your meals!!) (Super major kudos if you add in cleaning. Its a life savor! Monday is for bathrooms, Tuesday dust & windex, Wednesday floors, Thursday finish up putting away that da$? laundry, and Friday, well bathrooms again because…I live with 5 other people. I also touch up my floors. Kitchen gets cleaned daily.)

#5 Order your groceries. Legit: life altering experience. This is what you have been praying for! My preference is Walmarts pickup service (not perfect, but who am I am kidding, neither am I!). Hyvee delivers, Kroger has pickup, Mejier just starting delivering through one of those “cart” apps…Give it a try. You save time AND money! Win-Win.

#6 Take a deep breath, this one is big.

Set some life goals for 2019. In exactly one year (and obviously that goes by in a flash!) what do you want to have accomplished? Make a list. Check it off as the year goes by! Start a business, paint the bedrooms, take a class, get a dog…whatever your heart can dream up—-YOU, my powerful & fabulous friend, can make it happen. You have 365 days. 8760 hours. 525600 minutes. YOU CAN DO IT!

#8 Be thankful. A lot of stuff has happened to you in 2018. A lot of stuff has happened because of you in 2018. A lot of stuff has happened in spite of you in 2018! Look back, reflect. Decide to be thankful. Pull those amazing memories out of your beautiful mind and find joy. Its there. Sometimes we allow it to hide from us…but it’s always there. Having a thankful heart is a much better life, trust me.

Goodbye Christmas.

Goodbye 2018.

Hello 2019! Better buckle up! Its going to be a fantastic ride!

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